Leg 1 - Day 13, Nov 12, 2010

2040 utc
Lat  04 00N
Lon 102 19 W
Course 222
Spd 7.8

Well, the winds haven't exactly been as advertised (doldrums? NE trades?) but our easting in shifty SE erlies has been an investment in a smoother, swifter sail the other side of the equator (if THOSE winds prove as advertised), and this a.m. we tacked, putting us both technically and emotionally in the second half of our voyage (closer now to EI than to Newport, on a better course).

Leg 1 - Day 12 - Nov 11, 2010

This edition of "The Eagle Droppings" finds a more rested crew after a relatively calm night considering we're still beating to weather. With SE winds at roughly 15 kts, it's hard to believe we're in the doldrums. Although nature keeps us from putting as much south in our route as we'd like, the overcast skies bring relief from a sweltering sun, and the wind keeps the engine quiet.

Leg 1 - Day 8 - Nov 6, 2010

Lat  15 18N
Lon  112 14W
Course 155m
Spd 7 kts

Here is your first blog from an Alaska Eagle Rookie. We have now traveled over 1200
miles and are currently at 15 24N  112 15W. That's about as nautical as I'm going to get this edition of "The Eagle Droppings", our daily news. 

Leg 1 - Day 7 - Nov 5 ,2010

1158 PDT
Lat: 17 58N 
Lon:112 55W

course: 155
spd 7.5 motoring

The course from Newport Beach, CA to Easter Island is 3800 mi by great circle,
almost due south with a little easting. We started @ lat 33N and are now down to Lat
18N. We passed through the Islas Revillagigedo last night, a series of islands to
the SSE of Cabo San Lucas, sometimes referred to as the Mexican Galapagos. We will
continue S to the Equator (Lat 0) and then on to Easter Island @ Lat 28 S. Because

Leg 1 - Day 6 - Nov 4, 2010

spd 6.0
wind 7.8 / 047t

We continue to be blessed with the wind at an easy going pace of 6-8 kts. Life
aboard continues 2b a great adventure as we adjust to our watch schedule, work pace
& new tasks. For me, as the least experienced offshore/cruising person on board the
attention to detail is astounding. I have to adjust my thinking that Alaska Eagle is
our little city in the vast pacific and we are always facing stewardship issues.

Leg 1 - Day 5 - Nov 3, 2010

Lattiude 22 47  North
Longitude 115 50 west
Wind 13 kts
Speed 6 kts

Leg 1 - Day 4 - Nov 2, 2010

On Sat. the pride of Orange Coast College, Alaska Eagle, departed Newport Harbor. Amidst a cheering fleet of hope, we waved goodbye to family and friends as they joined us for the trip out of Newport Harbor. The day was brilliant and the Eagle never looked so good! (many thanks to all who have labored over the past several months in the rebirth of this incredible, and well loved beauty!), 

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