OCC SA Membership

Why join the OCC SA?

If you are committed to learning all about sailing from knots to compass bearings, then you should consider becoming a member. Members range in age from 18 to 80 years and they are all enjoying each other's company on the water. The only prerequisite is a love of sailing and volunteerism. Attend a monthly meeting to find out what we are all about. Show up and see what sailing can do for you.

Membership Benefits

  • Members receive a 10% discount off most on-the-water and evening courses
  • Rental privileges of Lidos, Shields and Harbor 20 (after passing written and skills tests)
  • Racing, cruising and social events
  • Meeting announcements and information newsletters
  • Monthly meetings featuring topics of interest to sailing enthusiasts
  • Opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of kindred spirits
  • Placement on the OCC SA crew list for racing and cruising opportunities
  • More sailing opportunities, which translates into more sailing skill
  • Opportunity to purchase SA merchandise

Membership Commitment

  • A one-time initiation fee of $100. Future annual renewal fee of $75
  • A cheerful and willing spirit to participate in voluntary group activities

Monthly Meetings

General membership meetings are normally held at the School of Sailing and seamanship on the last Monday of each month at 7:00 PM. See our monthly newsletter

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By Laws:

You can download a copy of the SCA Bylaws from the link at the bottom of this page.

2015 Officers and Board Members

  • Wes Gary, Commodore, wgary@aol.com
  • Anne Borren, Vice Commodore,  anneborren@me.com
  • Ric Maxeld, Treasurer, ric.maxfield@ussailing.net
  • Tony Chopp, Secretary, tonychopp@gmail.com 
  • Eric Walther, Fleet Captain, ericwalther007@yahoo.com
  • Staff Commodores
  • 2014 Eric Gritzmacher
  • 2013 Eric Gritzmacher
  • 2012 Andy McVay
  • 2011 Eric Walther
  • 2010 Eric Walther
  • 2009 Ric Maxfield
  • 2008 Ric Maxfield
  • 2007 Dan Hayes
  • 2006 Kirby Holte
  • 2005 Bob Graham
  • 2004 Hal Schwartz
  • 2003 Hal Schwartz
  • 2002 Diana Carlson-Pardee
  • 2001 Bill Schultz
  • 2000 Vivian K. Bust
  • 1999 Vivian K. Bust
  • 1998 Darcel Arns
  • 1997 Leo E. Dolack
  • 1996 Robert D. Bosic
  • 1995 Robert D. Bosic

Please send all questions and comments regarding this website to the SCA Webmaster.

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